earnings and tax deductions in Australia

  1. We are planing to work in SA and I am curious to know how much we could approax. make and what % of taxes we would pay. My husband and I are both RN's and while he has 15+ years of experience in mental health nursing I am a practising RN for 27 month. How does the division 1 and division 2 for RN's apply? HOw much does it approax. cost to purchase medical covrage. We would try and come on employee sponsorship with temporary visas.
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  3. by   Grace Oz
    In SA we don't have Div1 and Div2 nurses. That's in Victoria. In SA there are RN's and EN's. The amount of tax you pay will all depend on your gross income. Unable to advise how much you could expect to earn, sorry. You might be able to obtain that information by contacting the Australian Nursing Federation SA branch. Email: enquiry@sa.anf.org.au
    Health insurance costs will depend on the company and which type of cover you select. There are different levels of cover for hospital and/or extra's. An example of one company's top private cover with all the extra's costs approximately $2,300 per year. That's for a single person. The rates are different for couples and families. You'd need to shop around.