do I need a mentor

  1. I am a third year student nurse (adult branch) and am feeling way out of my depth. I have 2 clinical placements left and then I'm all done. The last placement I had was a disaster, staff heard 'third year' and expected me to know everything and be able to do everything (my assessor wanted me to take on the role of ward co-ordinator!) and I was swamped, then because I couldn't manage everything I was treated, and felt, like a fraud.
    I don't have too much time left and feel like I need more guidance iif I'm going to get through this final year.
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  3. by   karenG
    YES you need a mentor! happy to help if you need someone to vent at or run things by!!

  4. by   kittya
    thank you for replying (and so promptly too!) would it be okay if I have a moan tomorrow? I could really do with someone not involved to guide me through these days. cheers