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  1. Hi there. I'm from Philippines. I am applying for CVS. When I'm about to mail the forms it through LBC they said that they cannot accept address with P.O. box. So what I did was I use the address written in the top of the application form which is 3600 Market Street, Suite 400. Then when I got home I found out that you can only used that address for certification program only. It's been 4 days since I mailed the forms and I haven't recieved the identification no. given by cgfns. I don't know if they will process it because I mailed it in the wrong address or if they will return it to me. How can I know if they already received my forms? Plaese help me. Thanks.
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  3. by   iamnomad
    Maybe they are taking time to process your documents.
    I believe they will forward it to the department assigned for the CVS if you mailed it on their general address.
  4. by   kaye09
    oh thanks for the reply. I also hope that.