CRNE Oct. '06

  1. Hi everyone! Could somebody help me please how to pass the exam. Some advice/ tips? I have tried the CNA readiness tool test but only got 50% right answers. I think I am running out of time to study more. I don't know if I have to recite the rosary for the whole month remaining. I'm on panic. Don't know what to do.

    Congratulations by the way to those who passed the CRNE last June '06. Best wishes.
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  3. by   HollieRN
    I did not do the CNA online test myself, but i heard that it was REALLY hard. A few people who took that test barely passed it, and they all passed the CRNE.

    To study for the CRNE i just did questions from the CRNE study guide and Mosby's study guide. I made sure to look up anything that i ran into that i really didn't know ... My weaknesses ended up being IV therapy and mental health, among others. I spent a few hours reviewing it and all was well.

    I wrote the CRNE in June and passed

    Good luck !!
  4. by   Arnel1130
    Anyone who can give us hint on the style CRNE is giving. As I've read the Prep Guide , most of the question is psychosocial and psyche am I right passers. Im about to take this exam next year 2008. Im from the Philippines and Im an NCLEX passer and holding a California license(RN). Thanks...