Community Nursing in Vancouver or Toronto?

  1. hi all,
    i'm an American RN with 5 years of experience (mostly HIV community work) who's considering moving to either vancouver or toronto...still trying to decide.
    it seems vancouver may have more opportunities for community level care. but toronto is large and i'm sure that there must be these kind of jobs to be found.

    my questions/concerns are:
    what is the generally "nursing climate" ie, with my experience how likely will it be that i could find a decent position? generally, are the RNs who work in these settings former burn-outs (no offense) from hospital work or have they genuinely chosen this path?

    with a socialized medicine model, are community-oriented worker respected more in Canada, better than in the states?

    i'm concerned that having a single income will be a strain, especially in Vancouver. i understand that taxes are higher there than in most parts of Ca.
    for instance, if my gross pay is now 50K/yr..after adjusting for currency rate and then higher taxes i may be in the hole with a car payment, rent, credit card bills....
    so much to think about :spin:

    i have tons more questions, but will leave it there for now.
    looking forward to your replies.
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