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  1. hi to everyone! i am an RN here in the Philippines who is trying to find employment in the US. I am an CGFNS certificate holder with TOEFL exam and i just recently passed my nclex exam. presently i still don't have any viable employers in the chicago area. pls give me a shout out if any of you have recommendable employers in mind. i really dont want to go through an agancy to acquire an employer, others adviced me to go through the direct hiring process. How do i do that? pls give me advice pls. thank u
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  3. by   dindog
    apply online. just search google for chicago hospitals (if you prefer working in chicago) or hospitals near chicago and visit their website. However it is wiser if you know of a hospital that was referred by a friend or a relative in that area. that way you'll know how that hospital treats its nursing staff. good luck.
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