1. Because of some inaccurate information from the CGFNS staff, I applied for the CES report for about half year ago and their review is not yet finished but they refuse to make a refund to me. As I can send the report to 2 recepiants, I would like to send out my report meaningfully. I don't want to waste the money. And, actually, I've passed the NCLEX and waiting for the working permit in US. I don't know how to make the report to be useful. So, does anybody know who will need the Credential Evaluation Service report from the CGFNS? I feel so upset on it.
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  3. by   suzanne4
    I actually don't know of anyone that requires the CES review. You have had your transcripts evaluated for the Visa Screen process. I would leave it at that.

  4. by   Oreo
    ... anyway, Tx :>