Canadian RN exam this Wednesday!!!!

  1. Hi everyone,
    I recently graduated from a Qc college, and I will be writing my Canadian RN's this Wednesday in Ottawa!!!!! Are there any of you that are writing it? Or any who wrote it recently, like from 2 months ago??? Any advice?? I was prepared for the new Qc exam, which I am not writing.....for MANY reasons!
    I am starting to freak out, so any advice would be appreciated!
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  3. by   Michelle_nurse
    I just wanted to let everyone know that I passed the RN exam!!!!
    Words can't express the feeling when I opened that envelope!
    I actually cried in joy, which I have never done before!
    I am just waiting for the licence in the mail now!

  4. by   Janet Barclay
    congratulations Michelle, and welcome!
  5. by   2kewl
    Congrats!!! Michelle well done. Good luck with your future in nursing.