Can somebody help me?

  1. Hi there..I am a newly registered from the Philippines and currently am reviewing for my NCLEX. I am having trouble on where exactly I will be taking the exam since NCLEX has not yet been made available here in the Philippines. Which place would be a better testing center? Hongkong?Saipan or Guam?

    And also, I would like to ask what book would be best used in reviewing the said exam since it has been said that it would be a little difficult starting this April 2007.

    Please help me..Thanks..
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  3. by   kathykaye
    saunders comprehensive review book by silvestri.

    hongkong.. airfare and accomodation in HK is cheaper than in saipan or guam.

    dont be bothered on the changes that may happen on april2007. it will only be increased in a decimal point. just prepare very well for this exam. you need to have focus. if you know your material very well, you wont get lost in answering questions...goodluck