Campaign for all NHS students to receive 10K pa

  1. Hello, I am running a campaign supported by the RCN, RCM, Nursing Times and NUrsing Standard and Midwives, as well as having suport from 2 MPs currently.
    I am collecting signatures for the above campaign on a petition which can be downloaded from here:
    Please print out as many as possible and collect those signatures. The more we get the bigger voice we have. I am also collecting testimonials to student hardship which will be passed to Parliament.
    If you have any questions please PM me.

    Thanks for reading

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  3. by   Fonenurse
    Good luck! I will contact my MP - am a steward for the RCN - hope you achieve your aims!
  4. by   TitterTitter!
    thats a great plan.i will forward this to my fellow class mates and get as many names as poss.I know what it is to stuggle on the bursary i get now.Good luck with it.
  5. by   Fonenurse
    Can you update us Wallythecat? How's the campaign going?
  6. by   themadscotsman
    The Nursing Standard (who I admit I write for intermittently!) have a campaign for change - details of which can be found on