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  1. by   homer_miranda
    I want to congratulate all who passed especially my self. Yahoooooooo. BOOM TARAT
  2. by   pinoyRN_23
    lolz@ boom tarat.... wish i took my local boards before headin the now a USRN here though but still i want to experience the loacl exam..darn it
  3. by   eivan
    dude, I think a lot of people will easily trade places with you (especially the June 06 passers). Trust me.
  4. by   pinoyRN_23
    i couldnt agree even more lolz... congrats to ya all!
  5. by   homer_miranda
    congrats to all those who successfully passed the nle last dec 2006...just keep the faith...god speed.
  6. by   Khandee
    yeah lets all congratulate ourselves for a job well done.. and thank God for all the blessings.. if it werent for HIM.. these wudnt be possible.. i consider this a blessing.. i had only two weeks to revw and sttill i did it. it was All because of our great Lord..

    now.. lets do our best to enhance our skills and boraden our knowledge.. and be the best that we can be..