Black Wednesday for B.C. Nurses

  1. Many B.C. nurses are outraged by the government's
    legislation to impose a contract that 96% (20,000)
    said no to.

    This government shows contempt and disrespect for the
    very nurses that have been subsidizing the health care
    system on our backs for too long.

    The government has broken it's promise to the people
    of B.C. about improving health care thereby placing our
    patients in more jepordy by this action.

    They even extened the cooling off period so the nurses
    cannot do any legal protest until they have pushed
    through the legislation.

    This government offers up misleading information to the public
    regarding an offer that they claim is on parity with the
    Alberta nurses however it is not. The offer is $57 million
    less than what nurses in Alberta begin earning April 1,2001.

    The initial wage increase April 1, 2001 in this imposed
    contract will be 2%. That is chump change for a front line
    general duty level 6 nurse making $26.50 (Canadian).

    There are also consessions regarding casual call in
    by senority and removal of designated days off from
    part time workers.

    Our Premier Hon. Gordon Campbell has said he wants
    to make B.C. a magnet for nurses to come to. Would you
    want to work here? If not please let him know and his
    team why you would not come to B.C.

    Hon. Gordon Campbell Premier
    Phone:250 387-1715
    fax: 250 387-0087
    po Box 9041
    STN Prov GOVT
    Victoria, B.C. Canada V8W 9E1

    Hon. Colin Hansen Minister of Health Services
    Phone: 250 953-3547
    fax: 250 356-9587
    po box 9050
    STN Prov GOVT
    Victoria, B. C. Canada V8W 9E2

    Hon. Graham Bruce
    Minister of Skills Development and Labour
    Phone: 250 356 6348
    Fax:250 356 356 6595
    Po Box 9052
    Victoria B.C. Canada V8W 9E2

    If you want more information visit the BCNU web site or give
    them a call at 604-433-2268

    Please help out here and let these people know what you
    think. I don't have a lot of computer skills so if someone
    knows how to move this post to sites where we might get
    some support I am sure it would be appreciated

    Thanx in advance for taking the time to read my post
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