Biggest health/politics issue facing Canadians and nurses?

  1. What is a big health/politics issue we as nurses and nursing students should try to get involved in and solve.
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  3. by   Fiona59
    I'll jump in and give you a start.

    How far much should universal healthcare provide? How should our limited resources be utilized?

    Look at it this way, babies who even ten years ago would have been termed miscarriages are now admitted to NICU and "saved" often with multiple diabilities. The cost is huge, financially and emotionally.

    Where do we as a society and nurses draw the line? We come into this world with a defined lifespan, it differs from person to person, but how far should we go to keep it going?
  4. by   nurse_nightingale

    Why don't you look at politics and health outcomes, that is, link between a government's political ideology and the health of its citizens. Hope this helps...