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  1. I'm currently a LPN who has returned back to the workplace after a 5 year absent. I'm finding that in BC there has been a few changes regarding the role that we play. For example, the scope of practice that is being introduced.
    I have just started my orientation at a nursing home, that has just converted to utilizing LPN's in the past year. My question is I have been reading the policy and procedure manual, they aren't update. They all mention RN not nurse or LPN. I have a problem with this, just because the college of license practical nurses has authorized LPN's to increase there scope of practice doesn't indicate that we can do it. It must be written the employers policy and procedure manual. The LPN's at this facility are doing full-scope practice without it being written in the policy.
    I'm wondering if I'm just being to panicky?
    Does anyone else have concerns?
    What would happen to the LPN if something went wrong?

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  3. by   Paprikat
    Hmmm...good question. I have no idea.
    I would recommend you call the college of LPN's of BC and ask to speak to a practice consultant. They are awesome and will call you back quickly. They will also research if they have no idea, also.