Band 5 RN Job Prospects Northern Ireland

  1. Hey NHS Nurses!

    I may eventually be making the move over to Northern Ireland from Canada and curious about job prospects. Specifically probably Londonderry/Omagh area.

    I am an RN with (soon finished) speciality training in the ER (A&E). By the time I would move to Ireland I would have been an RN for at least 3 years with at least 1 year specialized in Emergency. Im also currently applying for my MSN.

    Would that put me at Band 5? Is it really around 11 pounds/hour? Any agencies that you would recommend that could mean more income?
    Would you recommend private or thru the NHS?

    Any tips or tricks appreciated!

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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Current band scale for Northern Ireland and yes appears starting rate is £11.21 hour NHS pay scales 217-18 | Royal College of Nursing
  4. by   VivRN
    Try to check CPL Healthcare. They have job vacancies for Northern Ireland.
  5. by   Stevie_uk
    Hi Laura,

    I'm doing the opposite move - coming from UK to Canada for a better life!

    Agenda for change pay scales 217/18 - Hourly - NHS Employers gives you the hourly pay scales, as you can see it goes from 11.32 to 14.70 for Band 5, depending on your skills/experience, so from what you say, I would have thought you would start on point 18/19, so around 12 ph. Most places don't even look at the hourly figure, you're going to be doing 37.5hrs per week / 144 per month. Don't forget on top of this, you get your increments for weekend / unsocial hours as well.

    Not sure what you mean by private - if you're an ED nurse (like me!) then you're going to be in the NHS. If you mean working for a private agency, contracted to the NHS, then yes theres plenty of those. Depending on wether you set up your own company or not, you can get GBP25-40 per hour depending on day/time (might be a little lower in N Ireland). Some peoiple work full time for the agency, some do a few shifts just to supplement pay, or save/pay for something special.
    A few caveats -
    1 Work is not guaranteed, and may be cancelled at the last minute
    2 Not eligible for holiday pay/sick pay etc (but most reputable agencies will have some scheme in place)
    3 Training and Education becomes your responsibility, most agencies do basic BLS, but you will have to pay for everything else.

    Let me know if I can give you any more help.