Aussie RN looking onto migrating to US

  1. Hi everyone! I'd like to know if its possible to get a job in US as an RN and not go through an agency. Ive got more than 5 years experience in Acute Medicine maybe counterpart of Telemetry in US. I did my bachelors degree in Philippines and passed the NCLEX in 2008 CA BON no physical license as i was not able to provide an ssn. Hope to hear from u guys soon!
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  3. by   YeXinZhi
    You can take advantage of the E-3 working visa for Australian citizens. Try contacting Conexus Medstaff. I think they sponsor Aussie nurses for E-3 visas.

    You can try EB3 immigrant visa but you will still be subject to the waiting periods that are currently caused by a retrogression in available visa numbers for citizens of the Philippines (immigrant visas are allocated according to country of birth).