Applying for NCLEX (CGFNS-License Verification Problem)

  1. Hi everyone, I am a registered nurse from Philippines and I am applying for a CGFNS CES report for me to complete my NCLEX application. Wayback 2006, I submitted all my credentials (HS Diploma, College TOR, License Verification from PRC...etc.) needed for me to take the CGFNS Exam but unfortunately failed the exam. I am now applying to take the NCLEX Exam since CGFNS Certification is no longer needed here in the state of New Jersey.

    My problem is when I apply for a CES report they still asking me for a License Verification Form from PRC which i already submitted it wayback 2006. Does anyone encounter this kind of problem before? Is there an expiration with regards to License Verification? My PRC License is current.
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