Anyone re-applying to UBC Nursing?

  1. Hey Guys,

    Just wanted to know if anyone is re-applying to UBC Nursing?

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  3. by   k084
    I will be applying
    I didn't have one of the requirements, so I was forced to delay my application I know it's very competitive and that scares me!

    How did you do last time? Did they tell you why you didn't pass the interview process?
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  4. by   noworries
    I'll be re-applying.. I went to see the lady in charge of admissions and apparently I was ranked 142 out of 140 interviewed.. and out of 90 accepted
  5. by   superj
    I was rated 11? outta 9?. I didn't get in cuz apparently i didnt give complete, thoughtful answers in an articulate way. I knew I blew my interview cuz i psyched myself out and got really really nervous and went blank, but at least i know what to expect and im not going in blind.
    Gluck to all that are re-applying this year. Hopefully we'll meet in Sept or Jan

  6. by   k084
    Hey guys!

    I haven't applied yet, but I will be applying soon I was wondering what you mean by ratings/ranks?? How does the whole interview process work, what kind of questions do they ask?

    Hope you guys can offer me some tips since I'm so nervous about what to expect!!