anyone from mindanao who took the NCLEX?

  1. Im from south cotabato. I took the NCLEX last sept.7'07. How long did u wait for the result? i am a california board! is it true that the mail will first dropped in manila before sending it to mindanao? its been its my 4th week on oct.5 and no result yet! help me pls..i am dying waiting for the result! its very difficult! tnx and Godbless!
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  3. by   suzanne4
    CA BRN does not even start to send out the letters until 2 1/2 weeks after writing the exam. Average wait time is four weeks for the Philippines, the letter does not get sent by courier service.

    Then you can add on time for the delivery to the smaller islands, all go to Manila first as that is where all international flights arrive to.

    I know that the wait is difficult, but it is a well known fact that you need to wait at least a month just to find out results, you still will not be issued a license until in the US and ready to begin work with the SSN# in hand.

    This is one main reason why CA is never recommended for initial licensure if you do not have a SSN# to begin with.