any notes about brisbane nursing

  1. Hi there, It's my first time in all nurses. I am here in UK and will very soon move to Brisbane in two months time. I'm on the final stage of my registration.Just wondering if there's any diferrence between uk nursing and aussie nursing. We do primary care here or bedside nursing really.

    Is brisbane a good place? I have an 18 month son with me will he be able to get a nursery when we arrive there. Is there chance for my mechanic husband to land a job there?

    i'm very much excited to go there already. NHS is getting worse this time.
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  3. by   bithbheo
    Hi there have you moved downunder o Brisbane yet ? Lot of places here in Brisbane crying out for RN'S
  4. by   gwenith
    Your Mechanic husband should be able to get a job. I am unsure about other hospitals but I know the Mater has childcare. Good luck job hunting!!
  5. by   Interested Party
    The Prince Charles has a new child care centre on site ............... brand, spanking new!