Any filipino nurses in Arizona or California?

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    I'm new in USA. Any filipno nurse in California or Arizona? espcially those who are working in operating room. How are you doing and coping up with the stress? Can somebody give me advice....
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  3. by   suzanne4
    Thread moved to the International Forum, as it is specific to working in the US as a foreign nurse, and not specific to those from your country.

    Very few facilities will petition you directly to the OR coming from out of the US. Even for a new nurse to the OR that is American, it can be quite streeful. You will still need to go thru the entire orientation when new to the US, and then they will assess your skills. Quite a few of the instruments have different slang names that they are called by, even just between some surgeons at the same facility. I have seen some nurses able to get thru it with ease, and then others not so lucky. It is specific to the individual nurse, and not even for working in a particular state. Whether Arizona, Michigan, Florida, or any other state; it is not specific for that. But how well that the nurse can pick up things and how quick that they can do it.