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Editorial from the "National Post", a Canadian right wing newspaper. The current exchange rate for the Canadian dollar is 65.4 US cents. So the $32 per hour rate quoted in the editorial works out... Read More

  1. by   liliana
    Dear Fergus you did not misunderstood, you just reacted as most of the nurses would.
    More money - yes ,nice, it would maybe motivate the ones asking for it ( do not forget money is a short term motivator ) it might attract a bit more
    people ( hopefully the money is not the only reason they would pick nursing as a profession).
    More nurses - they are not around, the "attracted"
    ones are not going to be ready for at least 2 (soon 4) years, this cry is not realistic or practical.
    What I am suggesting is redefining role of the
    nurse. Start by taking away all non-nursing tasks
    away from the nurse.Look around that health care
    organization and ask questions - who are all this people crowding the space from 9-4? How come there is only a nurse you can see beside the patient
    between 4 and 9??
    You said yourself we need something that works NOW!
    I do have lots of concrete ideas but this space is limited.
    Thank you for such a detailed analysis of my reply.
  2. by   fergus51
    More money doesn't just attract new nurses, it brings current nurses from out of province and those that left the profession. Over 500 nurses who had left the profession got in touch with ALB's nursing org to find out about refresher courses after they got their new contract with a raise. Nurses are around, just not around here. They get treated better elsewhere and everyone is shocked when they go elsewhhere.

    I want to know the magic answer to solving a complex problem. Maybe it doesn't exist.

    I couldn't agree with you more about eliminating non-nursing duties!!!! We did this at the start of our job action and the hospital was in chaos. Administrators had to pick up the slack and were working nights and weekends and 12 hour shifts (Gee.. now why does that sound familiar? ). For all the complaining we do about not having enough time to do everything, it is amazing how many jobs we do that are not at all related to nursing. How much time do we waste making beds, transferring patients, getting them food, etc? How much does the hospital save by making us do this rather than hiring enough people in housekeeping, portering, food services, etc?
  3. by   liliana
    Agree 100%. So why isn't this happening?
    Why aren't we a part of the process where
    this is being decided? "Hospital" is WE, all of
    us - not somebody else, doing this to us!

    ( of course hospital will be in a chaos if we "just drop it" , again a "childish" method,
    would you do this to your family? drop the
    tasks you do not consider yours - just to
    prove your point? how long does it work?
    wouldn't you rather present the knowledge
    and evidence based , oponent attractive plan
    and make them buy into it?)