Another Australian soldier killed!

  1. We have lost yet another of our soldier's in Afghanistan. :angryfire

    A member of the Australian SAS was killed by terrorist taliban mongrels!

    Prayers and sympathy for him and his loved ones.

    May he RIP.
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  3. by   princenina
    Amen to that Grace.

    I don't know about nurses eating their young... I think perhaps politicians eat OUR young.:angryfire

    Then I'm hopelessly biased... my eldest nephew is just back from a third tour of duty in East Timor... safe and sound thank God.

    All our service man and women and their familys need our thoughts and prayers, in particular when a tragedy occurs, but it can be a pretty tough existence at the best of times, and they are much a political football as we nurses.

    AS you say may that man, and the one who died two weeks ago, rest in peace and their family find both comfort and support from us all.

  4. by   nyapa
    Lest we forget our boys and girls...