1. hello everyone. just need some help. is there any agency you can recommend that caters hospitals in New York? Your help will be greatly appreciated...Thank you.

    By the way, just answer directly my question. any information/advice not related to what i'm asking please don't bother to reply.hope you understand.i am really ****** with all the people replying to every thread not even considering what they are sharing is not relevant at all. just a waste of time on the one who posted the thread and the one who replied.
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  3. by   Silverdragon102
    Very hard to find an agency in NY that accepts international nurses. Have you tried contacting hospitals yourself and see what they require or use? If they use a recruiter or agency they should be able to give you contact details

    We have had a few international nursing students in NY post that they have struggled to find a hospital and had to move out of state just to use their OPT and gain experience.

    Good luck