Advanced Practice

  1. Just want some opinions on advanced nursing practice. What does 'advanced nursing practice' mean to you?

    How could we practice advanced nursing? and how could it recognised in Australia?

    Does it equivalent to specialisation?

    Is it only limited to CNS, CNC and NP?
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  3. by   renerian
    Good question. I will watch the replies to this thread. renerian
  4. by   gwenith
    Mady some of the problem is the variance in practice throughout Australia with the scope of practice not just varying from state to state but - especially in relation to "nurse practitoner" but there is a HUGE varaiance from city to country in every state. Basically in many of our central city hi\opitals nurses have a very restircted scope where nurses are not even allowed to take blood in some units - this is the role of the resident. Take the same nurse let her drive more than 1 hour away from the city centre and she has the abiity to perform major surgery so long as she tidies up afterwards!!!

    In queesnland we are slowly working toward redressing this situation with further registration "endorsements" not only for psych and mid but now for immunisation and rural and remote area nursing.