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  1. Hello everbody,

    I am 38 years old and I am studying nursing management. In the middle of next year I will have finished with that. Then, me and my family have the aim to emigrate to New Zealand. Before that I need to finish my studies. One thing I have to do is an academic survey. That's where I need help. My plan is to compare the German and NZ health system. Specially the terms of workplace health promotion. So I will pepare the complete project,special wishes can be included, of course. If requested, I can present the questionaire to the staff during my holidays in NZ in August. Afterwards the statistic analysis will be done. The only thing to do for the hospital is to collect the forms and send it to me.
    If anybody could help me to get in contact with an hospital in New Zealand, that would be great.Thanks in advance!!! Every assistance will be appreciated.
    Have a nice day:
    The pipesmoker
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