9 years non practicing Nurse trying to get back on he field of nursing?

  1. Hey everyone! I need some advice regarding my current situation. I am a foreign educated nurse who lives in the US for 9 years now. I tried taking up my licensure 2010 and failed never attempted since then. There were times I wanted to apply for licensure but at that time SSN was a requirement for the BON application and I don't have one. Gladly, 2 years now we received our permanent ID's so I have the courage to comeback in the field.

    Any advice what to do. For starters, I know I have to start catching up with whats current in the field. Any advice from you guys...
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  3. by   dishes
    Do you meet the BON application requirements? Have you applied?
  4. by   ohlala
    Haven't applied yet. But the first and last time I did I met all the requirements BON in California. I just don't know currently I live in Illinois, will research on it still. For now I am taking time to study (self review) so that I can gauge my weakness and strengths so that I know where to focus.