6 months ER experienced US RN, needs job in Dubai

  1. Hello,
    I am getting marriend next month and my husband will be interviewing for a pilot position for Emirates Air in November. There is a pretty good chance that my husband will get the job, and I believe they will give him about 4 weeks to relocate to Dubai. We are both very excited to experience life in a new country, however, my biggest concern is getting a job in dubai with only 6 months experience. I have 6 months ER experience and am wondering will that hinder my chances of getting hired? I see most posts and forums say 3 years experienced is desired, yet because I have ER experience, will that give my resume any boost in leu of my lacking experience? I dont care if I cant stay in emergency nursing, but I need to know if there is a chance of me getting any sort of nursing job in dubai, and pay isnt that important. Also, any info on agencies vs directly applying online would be greatly appreciated!
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