1st Year Students, are you in a 5 year or 4 year BSN program?

  1. If you are a 1st year student (June 2007 or Nov. 2007 irregular), are you in a 4 year or a 5 year BSN program. Are all nursing schools 5 year programs now? If less than 5 years, what school are you attending?

    If you are a 2nd courser starting out this year, are you also required to complete a 5 year program?
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  3. by   Hoss
    Hmmmm...NO first year students here? Just trying to confirm that the new BSN program is indeed 5 years in the Philippines or is that incorrect?
  4. by   tinekrism
    In Cebu City, Phils., BSN degree is still a 4-year course - applicable to all including second courser.