1. 1st philippine nursing opportunities conference and expo 2007

    got this from here:

    mall to host biggest event for nurses on sept 28-30

    i hope this helps our nurses in the philippines.

    and i sincerely hope this is not a money-making scheme to scalp our nurses.
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  3. by   jpmbrn
    I have seen the poster of this EXPO and I was looking for an iteneray or listings of activities of sort but I can't find any.

    I hope this would not be the good-for-nothing EXPO and CONFERENCES that I have attended before that collects entrance fees.

    To the organizers, please post schedule of programs or activities so we may be guided as to what day we will attend.
  4. by   wenursetheworld
    Here's the itinerary for the said event...
  5. by   cherrycoke
    TV said they will be talking about the need to "hold" nurses in the country to mandate a 2-yr experience before working in other countries.
  6. by   ernbabjr
    Oh well entrance fee: 100 pesos/day.. 300 for 3 days?
  7. by   lawrence01
    Closing this thread. All pertinent information can be found on the news articles and further inquiries are best asked as advised on the contact numbers published on newspapers of w/c links has already been provided. Thank you.