**NEEDED-->> Nurse to correspond with online**

  1. Hello!
    I am a nursing student In BC. I am in my first semester in the General Nursing Program. As a part of a class assignment I have been asked to search online for a nurse to correspond with. There is not a lot of expectation. Just that you answer a few questions i may have about the practice. If you would like to give an energetic aspiring nurse a hand, get back to me. Thank you for your time!
    P.S Preferrably, but not exclusive to, mature experienced nurses!!! Thanks everyone!!
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  3. by   noworries
    Hey TJ!
    what school are you going to right now?
    I might need some info on your program!

  4. by   sjb2005
    I've been a nurse for 14yrs. Worked in many area. I'd be happy to help with your project. PM me.
  5. by   Paulette RN
    I have been nursing for close to 30 years...would be happy to help you..