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International nursing student looking for an OPT job

by uhnd25 uhnd25 (New) New Student

Hi everyone,

I am going to graduate in May, 2021 with RN-ADN degree. My plan is to work 1 year as an RN to gain some bed side experiences before I apply for RN-BSN program. I'm looking to apply for a healthcare facility that accept OPT working visa in Florida. I'm stressing out because most of the hospitals I'm researching requires 2-year contract but I only have 1 year to work. I don't mind to move to rural area as long as it is a hospital/rehab/LTC. I would like to hear all the suggestions from everyone especially international students who went through this process just like me.

Thank you so much for your concern! ^^

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Hi, can you share with me the hospitals that require 2 years contract. I have someone that is in need of it now and can do 2 years.

thank you