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I am just about to graduate my nursing program and was curious about the best way to apply for nursing positions. Did you all find it easier and better to wait until you had passes NCLEX or did you prefer to just apply and hope that your resume was ever selected for review?


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Except for new grad residencies, I found that most hospitals online applications had a question "Do you have the license required for the position?" If you answer NO, then it kicks you out of the application process with the message "Application no longer being considered for position". I ended up waiting until I had my license to apply for jobs.

whatever you do don't answer YES to the license question of you don't have one, I know of an applicant who did that because she expected to pass her exam the next week and figured she'd be ahead of the game in the interview process. Except she failed and when she got called for an interview had to explain that, and now she is no longer eligible for hiring because she lied on her application :-(