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Interested in traveling, L&D experience

wertz1995 wertz1995 (New) New

Hi, everyone!*

I'm an RN with 10 years of various experience, 6 of them in L&D at smaller community hospitals meaning I have experience in L&D, PP & nursery. have NRP, BLS, EFM certifications & I'm thinking of travel nursing. Working on my BSN.*

I'm located in Ohio, & I've been looking at travel company reviews through Glassdoor but I'm not sure what things I should expect.*

I'd like to stay in Ohio, perhaps some out of state but not for 13wks, since I have children.

Any advice?*

I also have interest in correctional nursing and other areas, which is why I'm thinking traveling may be interesting (variety)

Yeah going for it can be an amazed thing because i have seen how it goes which is fine enough with the majority of the factors. For me it always remained appreciable and what they have said is the thing that normally comes out with a lot.