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Interested in Starting a Business: Where Should I Start?

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by Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD Lorie Brown RN, MN, JD (Advice Column) Writer Expert Nurse Verified

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Hello Lorie

I am currently an LPN and R.N. student I want to start a business where I collaborate directly with nursing homes or patient families to provide residents to participate in offsite activities. For example trips ( museum, library, shopping etc ) I would have CNAs and HHAs and other LPNs to assist me for toilet needs and medication administration etc I was wondering where should I start? Do I need to participate in any legal matters like insurance etc?

Dear Future Business Owner,

I love your idea.  It is really important that you start your business on solid legal ground.  You definitely will need insurance and consents. I suggest you hire a small business attorney with health care experience.  In addition, I would like to suggest another resource, the National Nurses in Business Association at NNBAnow.com

I wish you the best and I love how nurses use their knowledge to create businesses that serve a need.


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