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Interested in moving to the DFW area


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Hello All,

I'm here seeking some recommendations from you. I currently live in MI and want to relocate to the DFW area to just try living somewhere new, trying to move around the end of summer. I've recently visited the area several times and completely fell in love with the area. I have 1 year of CVSICU experience, and ideally I would like to stay with that patient population but to further gain more experience with these patients. We see primarily a large volume of CABGs, Valve repairs/replacements, Type A and B Aortic dissections, AAAs, as well as the occasional thoracic and vascular patients. I think most of the major facilities in the area will be what I'm looking for, but I'm seeking advice from locals to get a better feel of what it's like to work at one of these facilities/any recommendations you have to offer.

Thanks in advance! :)

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There are quite a few hospitals with robust cardiac care programs. Those that come to mind on my side of the metroplex include Baylor University Medical Center, Baylor Heart Hospital in Plano, Texas Health Resources in Dallas, Walnut Hill Medical Center, UT Southwest, Parkland and many others.

If you have more specific questions you might get more responses. :)