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Interested in informatics, few questions


Specializes in Med/Surg, ICU, ED. Has 4 years experience.

Hi everyone,

I am interested in a career in informatics. I have a good background with software and hardware (no coding experience), and was a 'superuser' for my facilities EMR. I have no formal education (besides a couple computer science courses in college) and no other informatics experience (aside from the superuser experience).

I am not able to complete formal education at a college at this time as I am attending FNP school full time, working part time and managing a real estate business.

I have found there is conflicting information about informatics right now and there is not a lot of in depth information about the profession.

I am wondering what area of informatics you work in, what your duties are, what knowledge is needed (ie., formal education, continuing education, experience, coding, etc.) and who you work for (hospital, clinic, urgent care, pharmacy, dentist, etc.)

I appreciate taking the time to read this and respond.