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interested in dialysis, need advice

davev356 davev356 (New) New

I am a RN who has recently moved to the Miami, FL area after taking some time off from nursing to care for a sick family member. I am interested in pursuing dialysis, but find employers are almost exclusively looking for experienced people. I had 2 years critical care experience where I became proficient in setting up and running Nextstage CVVHD but have no other dialysis experience. Should I enroll in a training course at my own expense or continue trying to find an employer who is willing to build on my existing experience? The other thing is that there are many independent dialysis centers and a few major players. I'm not sure if it makes sense to apply to the smaller ones because they may not have the capacity or willingness to train someone. At first glance it also seems like the job market is not so strong in this area. Any advice or information on these issues would be very helpful.




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