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Intensive care in Ontario

Hi all,

I am a locum/agency intensive care UK RN with 11 years ICU Experience. I just completed my College of Nurses of Ontario registration.

I am planning to become locum/agency ICU RN in Ontario. Whats the best way to look for jobs?

Can I have my first job as a travel nurse/locum/agency? or do i have to get a full time job first?

Which are the best agencies to apply?

If I wanna apply to hospitals do I go to their websites directly?

Thx for ur advice

Best wishes


Most of Ontario hospitals are unionized and locum positions are not offered to agency nurses in unionized hospitals. If there is a temporary vacancy it is posted internally, it is usually filled by the most qualified internal applicant.

You should look on hospital websites for job vacancies and apply as an external applicant through the hospital's website


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