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Insurance woes

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by michael79 michael79 (New Member) New Member

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Our company HR rep told us a few weeks ago that the company is thinking of switching to a new insurance plan. She gave us a summary of benefits, but no prices for the plans because they were still negotiating prices. She then asked us to fill out an enrollment form in case we decide to switch to them from our current plan. I did so, but did not select a plan since I didn't know prices. A few weeks later when I inquired about it, she said they were still working on pricing. She then said, 'But you wanted the 6400 plan, right'? I said, ' I have no idea what I want because I haven't seen prices yet, but that I probably did not want that plan because I imagined it was going to be more expensive. ' She got this worried look on her face and just said 'oh.' My concerns are:

1. What do I do if she signed me up for a plan that I don't want? I did sign a enrollment form, but I never designated a plan.

2. How late can they wait to decide this kind of thing??? Open enrollment ends on Tuesday.

3. I emailed someone at our corp office about this and just made a general inquiry. Was that bad to go around her? As of Friday, she had no new info.

This is stressing me out! Everyone needs health insurance, but I cannot afford a plan that cost 3 times what another would.


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Wow - I cannot believe they are thinking of changing this close to year-end AND that they expect you to make choices without knowing costs. Talking to your HR site leader is a smart move to express your concerns.... Keep asking questions...

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I think she's trying to hoodwink you. Stay on it and get answers Monday. Do not let the sun set Monday without definite answers. How dare she assume you want this or that, how dare she wait so late, how dare she not get you the information you need to make an intelligent decision? Can you say "kickback"?

There are so many damned despots in the world. Pin her down. Have a witness.

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