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Insurance Nursing Employment

Does anyone know of any "insurance nursing" employment opportunities or have any contacts for possibilities?

I have been doing LTC insurance assessments for the past six years (enjoy it) but need to obtain additional work-from-home. As we all know, health insurance is mandatory by 2014 and IC's do not have those benefits.

How does one break into the field of Worker's Compensation? Health Insurance? Where would I start with certifications, etc.? Would it be possible to work from home? I really need some help from some of you seasoned insurance nurses to further my attempts in obtaining additional employment.

Also, it would be great if we could have a specialty "Insurance Nursing" as a forum.

Thanks everyone. Blessings

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Hi Yellowtulip- I was a research nurse for 7 years & I would like to do what you are doing with a LTC company doing assessments. How do I start to investigate this field? I live in Atlanta. I eventually want to work for an insurance company to get my benefits. Is there any way we could connect over the phone? Thank you so much for helping me!- Lisa


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