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Insulin Pump/CGM in NCLEX


I am finishing up my first year of an accelerated MSN program, and will sit for the NCLEX in August (which is terrifying in itself). I have type 1 diabetes, and have seen all sorts of stories about insulin pumps being denied during the NCLEX. My school wants me to request accommodations, but I wanted to see if anyone has had success with keeping their pump with them for the exam.

I know it is on the list of "comfort items" that Pearson Vue provides that is allowed in ( https://home.pearsonvue.com/Documents/Accommodations/pvue_comfort_aids.aspx ), but I also don't want to arrive and have them suddenly change their mind.

Does anyone have words of advice? I would prefer to not request accommodations because it is a huge hassle, and honestly keeping my medical device with me for a test shouldn't be THAT difficult!

Along the same lines, has anyone had success bringing in their Dexcom? The list says that CGMs are allowed, but remotes are not. I'm not sure if the Dexcom receiver counts as a "remote" or if it'll be okay.

Thanks in advance!