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Inquiry: Nclex passer without hard copy proof


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Hi once again colleagues!

I passed the NCLEX last october 2007 but until now I don't have any proof that I passed the exam.What I only have is my account on the pearsonvue website which marks me in my status as PASS. I have inquired this matter to the NJ board of nursing but they replied that they don't give such licensure copy or proof unless all our immigration papers are submitted o them. What bothers me now is that, what if one of this days my papers are ready for consulate interview and I don't have the proof to show that I really did pass the exam?

Any idea regarding my situation?:nuke:

Your attorney supplied the needed proof with the petitions that were submitted to immigration initially.

There is no hard license that NJ will provide for you since there is no license number issued.

Moving this thread to the International Forum since it is not specific to the NCLEX exam, but immigration issues.

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