Inpatients and ED patients being medicated prior to MRI scan


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We seem to be having an issue with inpatients and ED patients being medicated prior to arrival in the MRI suite. We are frequently unaware that these patients have been medicated. Many of the nursing staff and technologists are concerned that it is only a matter of time before a patient gets into trouble in MRI because of their medications. These patients come without a nurse or any information about the meds they have been given.

Do any of you have any policies/protocols that you are currently using for these kinds of patients?



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we send them with a "ticket to ride" a form that says





meds given in last four hours

language spoken

venous access


other special needs/devices

npo or not

it's a checklist that takes about 1 minute to complete and it accompanies the ED patients when they leave the floor to go somewhere, I fill out about 6 a day and it's super easy