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Injury already?

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I'm in my 3rd semester of school. Actually getting ready to finish it. I'm an older student- mid-40's.

For the last 8 weeks I've been on an Orthopedic floor at a local hospital for this half of Med-Surge. I really did like it- though there were a whole lot of clients there who didn't have orthopedic injury.

Weds was my last day of clinical. I went home early b/c I was feeling kind of woozy, and my back and shoulders were just killing me. Wed and Thursday were just awful (good thing we've finished class and I've just got to study now). My back would go into spasms, making it impossible to sleep. Today's been better- it doesn't hurt as much. But it hurt going to the grocery store and lifting a 10 lb bag of potatoes. I picked up my 11 pound cat and it hurt a little

At first I thought it was how I slept. Then I got to thinking. For some reason- it just feels like I have had an obese patient who was dead weight and couldn't move every single week for the last 5 weeks. And I feel bad asking for help constantly, but I was trying to avoid getting hurt in the first place.

The client I had Tuesday had surgery on her head b/c she fell. She was almost 300 lbs- 2 person assist. She had a bedside commode. I helped her on it 3 times. And yes- I had help all 3 times. But I think I lifted her the wrong way the last time I was trying to help her. I didn't feel anything pop or tear when I lifted her.

Here's the question. Now I'm paranoid that I'm going to do something even worse. And I haven't even GRADUATED yet. That won't happen until May. I've got at least 1 more rotation in medsurge- possibly 2. Preceptorship I'm looking at something in Psych. I can't exactly go into pre-clin every single week next rotation and say "sorry- I can't take care of that client today- they're too big and heavy for me to move".

Any tips besides the obvious (lift with your legs etc)?


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Exercise, stretch! You probably have a full life of work/family/school/whatever. Your health is your life. As for lifting, get help ANY time you feel uncomfortable. Better to be annoying than hurt and unemployed. Ask for pointers on your technique, use adjuncts (lifts) if they are available. I work ICU and sometimes we are seen planning a move like a football coach calling a play. I've had three other people helping me at times. Some patients have legs that weigh more than my girlfriend. This is a tough, physical job and if you don't respect it as such, well, you know... Martial arts, Tai Chi, and yoga are all ways to learn how to move and use your body. Best of luck!

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