TPA for Catheter Clearance

  1. If anyone has policy and procedures already developed on using TPA for catheter clearance, could you please share. We have enough Urokinase to last us about 4 weeks and then we are switching to TPA. Also, if anyone has any policy and procedure for TPA in arterial occlusion (wich would normally be used in Special Procedures)

    Thank You!
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  3. by   jo mitchell
    Check with your Genentech Rep who has a nice self teaching handout called "Management of Central Venous Catheter Occlusions: The Emerging Role of Alteplase" - get 1 CEU, Released 10/99 and expires 10/2000. We are using it.
    Hope this helps

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  4. by   Marjie
    The technique is really no different than using the Abbokinase Open Cath.We use the stopcock method and have found the tpa very effective.