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  1. Hi all,
    I am starting to compile a list of tips and tricks concerning starting venipuncture. The goal is to share experiences and tricks of the trade.
    Tips e.g. on how to find that elusive "bst vein", would be greatly appreciated. (and if you have a few that are not to be taken entirely serious those would be welcome as well).
    Please answer me directly - no need to clutter up the board with this. I will post the text once it is finished.

    Thanks in advance!

    Katharina Loock, RN, BSN
    Department of Education
    Wadley Regional Medical Center
    1000 Pine Street
    Texarkana,TX 75501
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  3. by   kjhawkins
    I have seen a webpage written by an ER nurse that had much of this information but, unfortunately, much of it was not consistent with the INS Standards of Practice, LITE Polices, etc. It really inflamed several of us who are very active in IV Therapy, are credentialled and spend a great deal of time toward improving IV practice. Karen Hawkins, CRNA, CRNI