Removal of PICC lines

  1. What is your protocol for removal of PICC lines?
    Do you send tip off to be cultured?
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  3. by   Deborah Naccarini
    We culture PICC line tips only in cases of suspected line infection, phlebitis, fever, etc. A routine d/c of a PICC line because therapy is completed is not cultured.
  4. by   dauschundlover
    only in cases of suspected line sepsis.
  5. by   visitingangel
    Does anyone have a step by step protocol for PICC line removal?
  6. by   PICC ACE
    Tips are not routinely cultured and if we do send a cath segment we send the portion that was in the subcutaneous plus a few cm's. Cath tip cultures are over-ordered and rarely relevant,even in "line sepsis" situations. Cultures from the line itself,with concommitant peripheral cultures will tell you much more. Do a search using "time to positivity" and you should find a few references.