Port-a-caths + safety needles

  1. youtube video:procedure for accessing a portacath - nursing for nurses

    device types: http://www.isips.org/safety_huber_needle.php

    uk:the use and maintenance of implanted port vascular access devices ...
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  3. by   tmhop
    Gripper Micro is another safety huber needle.
    The interesting thing about it, is that the needle is removed, leaving a blunt canula while the port is accessed.
  4. by   caroladybelle
    Good to hear it.

    Does anyone know the brand name of the non winged safety huber - the base is an clear oval with a narrow padded edge around it (allows visualization of the site)? When you deaccess, by pulling the needle up, while stabilizing the site by holding the padded edges. When the needle comes up, it locks a guard over the needle tip.

    It has a very flat profile while inserted.
  5. by   tmhop