Phlebotomist/ ABG and IV infusions 30years

  1. Hi I am a phlebotomist and medical assistant for 30 years.. in a Ct hospital phlebotomist under direction of the head of cardiology were trained and certified in cord and ABG gases... I also as an ER phlebotomist inserted many IV's for RN's who couldn't stick, they were not trained then.. I moved to Nc in 2009 and since have worked in urgent care and internal medicine.. I do all venousblood draws and IV insertions regardless if a Rn or paramedic is there... they have no clue.. I've seen patients stuck 5 or so times before they call me usually pride.. I'm told I work under the docs licence.. I now want to move to a hospital setting.., any ideas on how to use my expierence with school to make a picc team?? At 54 looking for the shortest route.. 30 plus yrs should help I know it use to!!
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